Video Pins and See Massive Pinterest Results and How to Create It

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So I decided to try a video pin on Pinterest as a way to drive traffic to my blog and videos. I’ve read many people’s articles saying how Pinterest is the main traffic driver for them, but I’ve been rolling my eyes, thinking, not another bloody platform to learn about. Watch my video to see what happened, I couldn’t believe it!


What is a Video Pin?

A pin is very much like a bookmark on Pinterest with a picture of interest that’s linked to a blog or content. These are then ‘pinned’ onto boards for people to refer back to as inspiration.

Now, instead of just a static picture you can use a video too and they really work. 

This isn’t a tutorial on Pinterest, however I thought you may want to know about the interesting traffic spikes I’ve had whilst experimenting with a video pin and my new Pinterest account.

So, whilst giving this Pinterest lark ago in July, I was having a look round the site for inspiration, to see what type of things were being posted. Now, what did catch my eye while I was mooching, was a video pin and more so, the lack of them on there.

I could’t believe that on the page that I was looking at, only had one video pin for that topic, all the rest were static pins, and how much the Pinterest video pin jumped out at me to click it.

So I thought I’d have a go and see what would happen on my new account, just as a trial.

So, I made a video pin in Canva and used the 2:3 aspect ratio (1000 x 1500 size), more on that shortly when I show you how I made it.

I posted 4 different Pinterest video pins

that linked to my blog as well as some static pins, and never thought much more, only that I’d look back in a few days.

I couldn’t believe what I saw

However, when I checked my account analytics 5 days later, I had a massive shock.

On that Sunday that I’d posted those video pins, the numbers showed just short of 19,000 impressions, you can see the massive spike here, in this image. From that were 180 engagements, and this blew my mind.

You can also see for this image that my video pin across the board are having 100x better impressions than the static ones, so this is something that you may want to test too

I mentioned it to an acquaintance who did the same with a video pin …

… and he’s having very similar figures to mine.

It will be interesting to see how it goes, and more importantly as the numbers increase, how they convert.

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 I’ve only just started to use my Pinterest account

… but I thought you may be interested to know what I found in a short length of time and that it may be something you can adapt to your business too.

 If you want to support me, my Pinterest handle is Go For It Girl Entrepreneur

I love it when we can support each other.

So how do we make a video pin?

Let’s take a look.

VIDEO starts Canva tutorial at: 2:28

Let’s head over to, sign up for a free account there if you haven’t done already, and let’s look at their options.

Type in ‘pinterest’ into the search bar and it comes up with video pin.

So as I said, I’ve used to 2:3 ratio (1000 x 1500) as Canva’s own optimal template size suggests but I shall also be experimenting with long pins, (with a 1:2.1 ratio size 1000 x 2100) as this may well affect viewing stats.

Today we’ll choose the 1000 x 1500 and it comes up with a range of templates that may be suitable. You can also type in the search bar ‘travel’ or whatever your niche is, to see what other templates are available.

The full video pin is eye-catching but remember if you want to use that, it will have to be fairly plain, like a sky, for the simple style of writing to show up, otherwise a highlight behind the text will be necessary.

The faster moving videos draw more attention in my opinion

but that depends on your niche. I think that the more video and the less surround the pin has, the more attention it will grab, but it’s your personal choice and something that’s best to be tested within your niche.

I have chosen a template that has a taller video in it to show more. Remember that the videos are 1980 x 1018 (long and thin, not tall and wide) so when you put a video into that taller and wider size, it will only show a proportion. You can only test and alter the size to what looks best in your pin.

Click on the video tab


It’s on the left hand size, then search in the search bar for the type of video you want. Sit the chosen video into the frame of your template and alter accordingly. If you double click on the video (as I show you in my video above), you can choose which view of the video you want and move it sideways to fit, or alter the size of view. If you want the video to fill the whole frame of the pin template, then just hover over the template then drop it on top. You can then add or delete elements and text.

If you also want to experiment with a long video pin

(with a 1:2.1 ratio size 1000 x 2100) you can just hit the ‘resize’ button if you have the Canva Pro account, or if not, start a new one by clicking ‘create a design’ – then ‘custom dimensions’ – 1000 x 2100. Then again use a template and put a video inside and design or just drag a video across from the video tab, to fill the whole pin.

How do I pin a pin to Pinterest?

When you’ve opened a free account with Pinterest, click on the circle (where your picture is) in the top right hand circle, which takes you to your home page. On the right hand side of your screen there will be a plus (+) button. If you click this, it will ask you if you want to add a board or a pin. You need to set up at least one board before you can pin something. Choose a title for your board, depending what your topics are.

If your niche is travel, one board may be about Disney. Set up your board using keywords for your topic. You can then click the plus (+) button to add a pin. Drag or upload your static or video pin and add a description, a link to your content (say a blog) and then tags, in the spaces provided.

Choose the board that you want to pin your static or video pin to

… by clicking the drop down, top right, next to the ‘red publish button’. Then hit ‘publish’ and your static or video pin is pinned and you can choose either ‘immediately’ or ‘at a later date’.

I hope that this video has given you a push to try a video pin with you Pinterest account so please give me a yes below, tell me your niche and let me know what results you get, I’m curious to know if you get similar.

Click here if you are interested in my other blog that shows you how to make 3 unusual social media posts with a twist in Canva, again using video like we’ve just done, that will make you stand out in the noisy newsfeed. You’ve no excuse to not get noticed now.

Please share this blog …

… with anyone who you think this will help and don’t forget to let me know how you get on with your video pin analytics …


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