Create a gorgeous Canva Mockup with this step-by-step tutorial

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I’m going to show you how you can create a free Canva mockup of a computer, phone and tablet to showcase your products and services. These mockups are ideal if you’ve got courses, programs, and products to sell.

They’re also great if you want graphics for your sales page, Facebook ads, website, blog, social media posts, even an Etsy shop, the list goes on and on.  These really draw the eye and it’s a great way to slow the scroll and to get viewers to click and take notice wherever you’re using them, they look really professional.

I’ll also show you how you can add mock-up graphics into video, so that you can give an inside view of your programs, website and business in a great professional looking video.

You may find it easier to watch the video below, or read the blog below the video.

How do you make a mockup in Canva?


Let’s head over to and start the design. We can use the free Canva account, if you’re wanting these graphics for your social media posts for say Facebook or Instagram. However, if you want to use these mock-up graphics as a PNG (with a transparent background), and you want to place them onto something else, then you will need the Canva pro account to get the transparent background option, which is a small cost every month. I personally use it a lot and I think it’s worth it. But by all means, use the free 30 day trial for Canva Pro account before you commit to anything, to make sure that it’s going to be worth it for yourself.

If you want to use this as an image for your website, then use the custom dimensions  option for the size you want and make the canvas for your image. You can make it any size that is suitable for your website and to check out those sizes, I suggest as a helpful guide, to go to your image gallery within your website and choose which image you want to replace, then see what size that image is, and copy those sizes. You can then use the custom dimensions in Canva to produce a canvas of that size.

Let’s start by making  a Facebook or an Instagram post, so I just pick a square canvas. Then, head over to the left-hand side bar where you can see the ‘elements’ tab. Click on ‘elements’ and scroll down to the frames. Within these frames that are the elements that we want to use. So perhaps you want to use a laptop or a computer, a Mac screen, a mobile phone or tablet. You can also type in ‘computer mockup’ or whatever you are looking for, into the elements search bar for other ideas.

How do I create a product mockup?

Drag the elements (computer, phone, and tablet frames, or whatever you want to use) over onto your canvas. I’m thinking that I want to showcase my website inside of these screens, to show that it’s easily accessible on all devices. This also gets my branding noticed and this mockup looks super professional. On the image for this blog, I’ve put the pages of my membership The Smartphone Video & Content Studio into the Canva mockup, which I used for my sales page for enrolment (you can get on the waitlist HERE if interested).

To get started with this, I head over to my website. Now I want to take a screen grab of the Homepage, to put in the main computer frame that looks like it’s on a Mac. With my Mac, I can alter the size of what I’m looking at in the browser, by grabbing the corner of it and dragging it smaller to replicate the size of a tablet screen or a mobile screen. Because my website is optimised for this, it means I can get the view of what my website looks like on all devices. I can then take a screen grab of the computer, tablet and phone sizes, ready to place in my mockup.

How do I do a screen grab from my computer?

Here’s how to do a screen grab from your computer:

When you have your screen grab of your website, product etc, upload it into Canva. Then drag across to use in your mockup design, by placing it into the screens. If to doesn’t quite look right, double click onto the screen and then move the image around within the screen to see if it looks better (see in the video above how I did this, which altered the view that looked good on all devices). You can use these for anything for your website. You can even put your YouTube channel in whatever you want to show off your Etsy shop and digital product inside it.

Can I animate my Canva mockup?

Now you can also use the animate function to add some movement to your post. This certainly makes it more eye-catching in the feed and something to test. At the top of your Canva page, just under the blue bar, is an ‘animate’ button. When you click this, you get a choice of animations available, depending on the Canva account that you have. Try each one to see which you like best, then download as an mp4 video and there you have your social media post.

If you want your design to be used with a transparent background, then take off the animation and download it as a png. Then click the transparent background box (Canva Pro account only).

How do I use a mockup in a video?

If you want to use the mockup images in a video, I show you how in the video above. You can upload the png. to your editing software and add to your time line as a ‘picture in picture’. You can also just add your mock up image to a 1920×1080 image and slot it in your timeline as a slide on its own. Both are shown in the video.

You can also use this idea to create other similar eye-catching posts, check out this blog HERE and if you want to get started with video, you can do so easily with great results from your smartphone. Grab my FREE download HERE ’10 tips to filming like a pro with your smartphone’ to show you how to get started, from confidence to lighting, audio and much more.

I try to share things that have been helpful in my business building journey. Check out my other posts under the blog and tutorial tabs above for more helpful content and follow me on instagram @goforitgirlentrepreneur where I share lots of tips and ideas to help you grow yours.


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