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Not sure what content to publish to engage with your audience? Here are 3 social media post ideas for your business

Stop them scrolling and get those Social Media Post Ideas for your Business to stand out?

I make it easy for you in my video tutorial below, and by the end you’ll know 3 of my great content ideas that you can easily do yourself in Canva, to grab attention and blow your competitors out of the water!

These 3 tips will do just that, and you don’t see them everywhere else neither, click the video to watch …


It’s crucial that when we produce content for our newsfeed that we show something to our audience that disrupts their pattern to take action. Your mission is to be a ‘one of a kind’ brand like no one else in your niche.

So many people are now online, scrolling their platforms of choice, so whether you sell products or coaching, you need to be zigging when everyone’s zagging, to stop the scroll.

Sometimes the whackier the better, totally off brand, it piques their curiosity, so now you’ve got them to stop scrolling and grasped their attention, pack your content with a punch! Bright colours, patterns and styles are something to consider. What makes you stop scrolling?

Choose the most striking images in the most obscure colours, from unusual angles that spark an interest for the best social media post ideas for your business

Using techniques and post ideas like the ones in this video will make your post captivating, through the use of video. You’ll also be using a style of post that they recognize as contrasting and wonder how you’ve done it. This could also be a great conversation starter too …

Video is easy to use and has the most effective disruption angle than just about any other media

We now have free tools at our disposal, with software such as Canva, to make this super accessible. However, surprisingly enough, most people aren’t using it! Many don’t like to put themselves out there on camera, but this is what will separate the good from the exceptional.

People buy from people

Maybe a few short years ago you could get away with being a ‘Bro’ Marketer’, flashing your Lamborghini, wearing a clean shave and a slick suit! But no more my Friends, Customers buy from emotion and it’s your job to light that spark within them. Connect with them in a way that only you can, coming from a place of authenticity and the real you.

This is why the fear of being perfect on camera stops so many people from using video

They see so many other ‘perfect’ posts all beautifully curated, but that doesn’t wash with the viewer any more. Basically nobody cares that you aren’t a supermodel (obviously make sure that you’ve brushed your hair and you look tidy!). However, perfection is not what’s being craved by your Customers. Connection through affinity, beliefs and personality attracts the right type of follower. Incorporate this in your social media post ideas for your business.

With the 3 ideas above in the video, you can easily connect with your audience using your own or stock footage, to make your social media posts clickable. Use video that calls to their pain points, reinforces their beliefs and appeals to their hopes and dreams.

Movement, colour and aesthetics hit the viewer right in the eye

… immediately making you poles-apart from your competitors.

When your messaging’s right and you’re ‘in their face’ with an attention grabbing post, you’re on the way to them making a micro-commitment to you.

Your messaging plays a big part in attracting the right follower

To do this you must be clear on what you stand for and how you can help. Consistent messaging is key, reinforcing your belief. You may think that people will get sick of hearing the same message but that’s not true. They are probably on different stages of their journey at the different times they hear it so a different day can make a massive difference to how they receive it.

For me, my mission is:

To help as many Entrepreneurs as possible to start and grow a business, to realize that there is no ceiling on their earnings and no limit to what they can achieve in their lives.

This is super important to me as I see so many people held back by fears that they trade for happiness

To be trapped in a 9-5 job is like being held hostage for 5/7 of your life! Some of my acquaintances just live for the weekends and their holidays, while living weekdays of unhappiness in their cubicle because they hate their job!

I understand that the paycheck has a hold, but there’s no reason why anyone can’t start something on the side. If you want it bad enough, you’ll do it. Wasting time is not an option to me as you can’t make more time, but you can’t make more money!

I reinforce this through a lot of my content …

.. as it’s what I truly believe. Happiness is a massive factor of importance to me and if you only had 1 wish, that’s what it would be. I stay true to this and therefore negativity is something you won’t see in any of my content as I don’t allow it into my life.

People are intrigued with how you live your life and behind the scenes. Use this kind of footage to give a different perspective on your video and again it drives curiosity to click that button.

There are many ways to be visible within our businesses …

… and I have written a free guide for you to download, of ’15 Ways to get visible and grow your audience’, in the side bar and at the bottom of this blog ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡

These are ways that I’ve found effective, combined with showing up and doing the work of course and certainly give you great ideas if you’re serious about growing your audience and followers.

Of course, a massive factor in making progress with your numbers and increasing your following, comes down to connection

People want to be seen, heard and acknowledged so if you get any interaction with your posts, however small, it goes without saying that you should firstly respond to the interaction and secondly, with genuine conversation. People are generally wrapped up and absorbed with themselves, always thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’.

So when you give them attention and helpful advice that will get them the results they need, you’re on to a winner.

It should be your main priority to be the most helpful person in your niche and to give without any expectations. If you always come from a place of giving genuine support, you will find that your audience is more responsive.

People today are so bothered about giving too much away, thinking that then no one will want to buy their offerings

This has quite the opposite effect in fact, the more you give, the more your audience believe that if you’re giving that away, your paid stuff must be awesome! It’s also a great trust builder when you ‘over deliver.’

You shouldn’t be frightened of giving the little nuggets and gems from sections of  your paid products

Give them the ‘what’ free and then you teach them the ‘how’. People are far more likely to ‘buy into you’ when you give them helpful content and then think that your paid offers are ‘no brainers’.

Also, The ‘Law of Reciprocity’ also states that ‘basically, when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return. As a matter of fact, you may even reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed’. So keep this in mind and look at the bigger picture. Far too often, people are greedy and don’t want to give, but giving first is the secret to opening doors and the start of the ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Of course you can use your content across many platforms when thinking of social media post ideas for your business

… in different ways too (see this blog post on where to post your content here). If you start with making a video, this gives you the basis for so much amazing content. From this you can have the audio transcribed (see my video on how to do this here) and then you have a ready-made blog post. You can then use the audio as a ‘freebie’ or for a podcast episode. Use snippets of your text as quotes across your social media platforms, alongside such eye-catching ideas like I show in the video above. If you create one video a week, which sounds a lot but isn’t when you get into a system, you have your content idea for that week. No more wondering ‘what am I going to talk about or post today?’. Use these videos as your weekly topic ideas which simplifies your content creation system and gets you off the ‘hamster wheel’.

Break these down across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever your preferred platforms. Use post styles such as:

  • Milestones
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Poles/questions for your audience
  • Tie in to trending topics
  • Customer spotlight
  • Daily, weekly or monthly series
  • Meet the team or employees
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Statistics (Infographics are great for this)
  • Other brand mentions and so many more ideas, just get creative …
  • Use bite sized snippets to drive your audience to your blog posts, videos etc where you can offer value and grow your email list

It’s all about sending them to different ‘touch points’ within your brand

… which creates brand awareness and they soon get to feel like they know you. Then to work on the trust …

This comes when you do what you say you’re going to do and no spammy tactics. That’s one sure fired way to ‘turn them off’. Key factors are continuity and showing up, then the trust will be created …

There’s so much free footage out there (on the sites that I’ve mentioned as well as in Canva) so I’m sure that you can find something, if you don’t want to be on camera. However, seeing your face, actions and emotion definitely builds trust better. Keep practicing in front of the camera to get more confidence, nobody has to see those first reels.

These clever ideas of using video in a picture are only the start of what you can achieve | social media post ideas for your business…

… so use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. You’ll find yourself thinking differently and seeing footage in a different way, with ideas for future use.

Take a screenshot, use the notes on your phone, the minute you see something that gives you a unique idea

Your competitors are not doing this, and going that extra mile will certainly pay off in the long run! Always be on the lookout for unusual social media post ideas for your business.

So watch the video above and have a go at the 3 ideas that I show you

They can be used for many, many ideas including your YouTube channel promotion, audience growth, product launches and interaction on every level.

You need little design skill and you’ll find that the more you do, the better you’ll get. Canva is so user friendly but such an amazing tool, certainly one that I couldn’t live without for my business.

I’ve produced content for Clients

… to grow their followings to massive numbers.

By doing this it’s enabled me to know what does attract those likes, shares and comments. This is an all important first micro touch from your prospective Customers, so don’t overlook the power of micro engagement. Of course every niche is different and what works in one, may not work in another. However the basics are the same and you just have to test and test again! Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

To design these social media post ideas for your business


… you’ll need a Canva account, the free one is fine.

If you haven’t got a Canva account, head over to Canva and sign up there.

My first Tip for Social Media Post Ideas for your Business, to Stand Out is …

… A video inside a computer screen, TV, mobile phone etc and can be used to promote so many different things. For instance, you can promote your website for various reasons such as new design, blogs, sign up pages, about you etc.

You can also use it to promote a YouTube video

or stock footage relevant to your niche but the ideas are only limited by your imagination.

So let’s dive in and see what we can do and how we make these social media posts

I head over to my website home page as I want to record the scrolling of this front page. For this, you need a screen recording software or app, something like QuickTime that I’m going to use. This is a free app with your Mac.

I open up QuickTime and grab the cursor …

… for the area that I want to record, namely the full screen of my laptop, as I’m thinking that I will put this video inside a computer to show my website.

I then press record and scroll down the screen as it’s recording. This shows the entire home page of my website. I then stop recording and save the video (you may want to trim any bits that you don’t want, at the end of the video say, in something like iMovie).

Choose what kind of Social Media post you want

i.e Facebook, Instagram etc. Upload your recorded video to canva (upload tab on the left hand side), then it’s ready to use.

Next, click on the ‘Photos’ tab on the left and choose a photo that you want to use in your post. I chose the laptop screen, then chose a frame to sit inside the screen so that the video would slot right in without distorting the ratio. (You choose a screen for a video or photo to slot in by going to ‘elements’ on the left, then type in the search bar ‘frames’. This will bring up various shapes to choose from, depending on your project).

Put the frame inside the computer screen then go back to ‘uploads’ and drag your video across to the screen. Sit the video of your website in the frame and there you have a mockup of your website.

I found that I didn’t actually need the frame and that my video would sit correctly within the computer screen without a frame. Like anything, it’s trial and error to see what works best.

I show you in the video that you can also you this for a YouTube video …

… or you can use the stock videos within the ‘Videos’ tab on the left too. There’s lots of choice for all niche’s so you should be able to find something if you think creatively.

There are also other free stock photo and video footage sites

… that you can use and import that footage for your posts.

These include and Both of these have great stock for you to use.

You can also use this tip for a mobile phone, which I show you in the video.

This is done by using QuickTime again to record your website. This time, grab the corners of your screen and make it as narrow as possible, to mobile size (or tablet if you want to do a tablet screen post). Record, save and edit the video as appropriate and upload to Canva.

Choose say an Instagram story post, pick a photo you like of a mobile, tablet screen etc, then do the same as before. Drag your video into the screen of the photo, then voila! you have an eye-catching post ready to go!

My Second Tip for an Engaging Post Idea

This is a video within an infographic. Type in the Canva search bar, ‘Infographic’ and it gives you lots of gorgeous templates that you can use. Choose a template that you like the look of, that lends itself to your industry perhaps?

Or colours and layout that you think will be suitable …

Choose one that has an area suitable to put a video in, which I show in the video. I give the example of a pizza menu and the ‘oven fire video’ really grabs attention.

Change all the other details and personalize the post, you have so many options that you can do with these. Again, this is a tip that you don’t see everywhere else.

My Third Tip for an eye-catching social media post ideas for your business …

Use ‘Colages’ in Canva. Type in the search bar for ‘collages’ and again, you’ll have lots of choice.

I found a great template, as I show in the video.

This would ‘lend itself’ to many businesses, especially something like photography. I found a ‘family’ stock video within the Canva video tab and used that as the main attention area. The 3 photos down the side could be used for other relevant images or videos, with something like a camera or other ideas.

You can see from the choice of templates that they cover a range of niches

… including beauty, hairdressing and travel to name a few.

These collages are super for grabbing attention and getting those all important eyeballs on you! Now you know some cool techniques to grab attention that not many others are using

So how else can you get visible and grow your audience?

Grab my FREE download below

‘15 Ways to Get Visible and Grow Your Following’ for a guide on other things you can do to make a difference.

Download the free guide at the bottom of the page or side bar.

For more great videos, head over to my YouTube channel

Want to know where you can share your content?

Have a read of this blog where I tell you where you should share your videos and content …

Let me know below what you could use this to promote, I’d love to know what projects you’re doing and how these tips have helped …

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