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Hello, I’m Elaine from Go For It Girl Entrepreneur and today I thought I’d do a quick video on transcribing videos and downloading an SRT File.

I did a previous video about where we should be sharing videos and content and in that I mentioned about transcribing videos and downloading an SRT File to produce a blog post and adding captions to our videos. So let’s have a go today to upload a file and see how easy is actually to do it.

I’m going to use a company called to transcribe these. They seem to be the middle of the road, so we’ll see how we go on with them, they’re fairly accurate, they’re middle of the road for the price and they say that they have a good turn around time. So we’ve also got that offer a really good turnaround and a little bit more expensive and the claim to be a lot more accurate. These are a little bit higher price and there’s also and they are free, but they’re not as accurate.

So again, it just depends on the cost, how long your videos are, but basically it’s a cheaper way than having you typing everything in yourself. So I’d go for the middle or the higher one, let’s see what we have to do. Here’s the website,, we log in and we come to our dashboard here.

So we’ll go up to ‘new order tab’ and we upload our files that we want to have transcribed and we drop the file in. It’s saying that it takes six minutes and it’s going to cost me 60 cents to do that. Obviously MP4 is video, MP3s are audio and either of those, you can drop the file in and it will do the same. So the order was successful and that’s processing. Okay, so now we can view the transcript. Let’s have a look.

There it is all ready to copy and paste to a blog post. Obviously I’ll go through that and check it, make sure that it’s, but it looks quite accurate. So now let’s go and get the srt file, which is SubRip text file. These are like a timestamp for the captions to fit in line with the words as you speak on the video, so that people can watch without the sound up and still understand exactly what your video is about.

So now to get the SRT file, to add the captions to the video, you go up to the three dots there, click the export button, and that will download now to your computer. So you’re ready to upload that file there to whichever video editing software you use, and then you’ll have your captions on the video.


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