Where should I share my Videos and Content?

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Where should I share my Videos and Content?


Hello, I’m Elaine from Go For It Girl Entrepreneur and I thought I’d just come on and do a quick video for a question that I had seen in a group, “Where should I share my videos and content to make the most impact?”

So we need to have a plan to work with the algorithm to grow organically and gain as much from the algorithms as we possibly can work in our favor. Firstly a YouTube channel is a must, where we should post good consistent content. Within those YouTube videos and underneath the videos in the description text , we can have a link to a helpful ‘freebie’ to grow your email list organically.

Then use our platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to post smaller snippets of these videos, to help to send traffic directly back to that YouTube video, which we’ll go over in a little bit more detail now. Here are some of the places when you’re asking ‘where should I share my videos and content?’.

Upload to YouTube

Upload to YouTube at least once a week because the algorithm favors consistency and the best, most helpful content. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world owned by the first largest search engine, so searchable, helpful content is what it’s all about.

When you’ve  posted your video to YouTube, email your email list as soon as possible with the link to that video, so that you can drive as much traffic to it  as possible. On your social media platforms, put little snippets on the same day, with the same intention to drive traffic back to that main YouTube video, as detailed below:


So within your actual feed on Instagram, you can put a one minute video.  On IGTV, you can upload a 10 minute video and on your ‘stories’ you can upload in 15 second segments. Use different segments over of your main video over the week, in your feed and stories that send traffic to your YouTube video and IGTV.


Again, split your video into smaller segments of 60 seconds or less and use these as teasers to drive traffic back to your main YouTube video. To get as many eyeballs as possible back to your YouTube video, you are going to have to throw a little bit of money at it as a ‘video view’ campaign or as an ‘engagement’ campaign to send people back to that link to your YouTube video.

Because Facebook does not want anybody leave their platform, the algorithm will not show a post with an external link to many organically.. They want to keep the user on  Facebook, so in order to get the views to our YouTube channel or blogs, we have to ‘pay to play’.

However, it’s fairly cheap to promote these as an ‘engagement’ or ‘video view campaigns’ so have a go and you may be surprised with the amount of traffic the actually do drive back to YouTube video.

Seven to 10 days later, upload the full ‘native’ video to Facebook and again, run it as a ‘video view’ campaign.  Now you can start to build a retargeting audience, which is super valuable for the future, to run traffic down your sales funnel. You can retarget your audience at a later date with an offer, to those who’ve engaged with your videos and is therefore ‘warm traffic’.

Also for people who may not have seen the teasers earlier in the week, they get the chance to see a native video that’s been posted direct to Facebook.

So next up, your Blog

We all know that we should be blogging and how valuable this is to help with SEO, and it gives another medium that your Customers may prefer. Bed your video into your blog posts, to give readers the chance to watch instead of reading so you’re ‘killing two birds with one stone’ so to speak.

Have your video transcribed by someone like Temi or Rev.com. They send you back a complete transcript file with all the words ready for an instant blog post for you. It’s easy and cheap to do this as well, so try and get your head around actually paying for the service, even if money’s tight, because in the long run it makes things easier, quicker, more streamlined, and you’ll feel a lot better about producing more and more content when you’ve got a plan in place to make it easy for yourself. Good, consistent content is what helps you to grow quicker.

Once you’ve had those videos transcribed, also download an SRT file as well (SubRip Text File), which gives you captions that you can then upload to all your videos. People who ride the train or work in crowded spaces, often have the volume down on their phones, so they actually can’t hear the valuable content that you’re providing.

So to me, captions on the video is a brilliant idea because you’re going to get people engaged with the video that otherwise wouldn’t be and it immediately grabs their attention.

Why not start a podcast?


You’ve already got the audio within your video. Have a look on my website, there’s lots of information to help you there and how to get started. But basically you can take the audio out of your video and you have a readymade podcast episode. This is giving you another platform, audience and segment of people to reach.

Everybody wants information on demand these days, whether they’re taking the kids to school, doing housework or at the gym, and podcasting is an amazing medium to help get your message out there and to maybe a different type of audience that you wouldn’t reach through video or blog posts.

So seriously consider podcasting, it’s a super fast growing medium to market your business and you’ve done the hard work with the video, its easy to produce a podcast episode from this.

Have a look at my video on transcribing your video and downloading an SRT file for captions

But basically don’t get overwhelmed or hung up with strategies about how to do it. Start and take action, using this simple plan. Get your content working synergistically together, to get the best out of the algorithms, helping to grow organically. Keep on producing the content because you will see results.

I know it’s hard work and time consuming, but we have to put the effort in to get the rewards. If you’re doing this, then you’ll be doing more than 99% of your competition are, so keep that in mind.

Hopefully this gives you some answers if you are asking ‘where should I share my videos and content’. If you need any more help, drop me a line or send me a message, and I will help you wherever possible.


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