Ways to Confidently Overcome Self Doubt Get your Content Out!

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Oooh self doubt, it’s a killer! Does it stop you from putting your content out there? So how do we overcome self doubt?

Watch my video that shows you how! You’ll kick these self doubt fears to the kerb so that you can take those next steps, get your content out to the world and make an impact. You’ll soon overcome self doubt and get your content online ……

I’ve been on my own business building journey, so I completely understand the self doubt struggles for sure …

I’ve helped clients to grow their social media channels, podcasts and product launches to crazy numbers and now it’s your turn, you will overcome self doubt …

Now many of us know that there’s more to life than the 9-5 rat race, that we can build a business and make money doing something that we love, but guess what? Most people have the ideas, but never act on them.  Now I would say that regret is more expensive than making ourselves feel uncomfortable but because we like to stay in our safety bubble, we don’t do what we know we’re called to do.

12 years ago, I felt the same. Tied to a job I didn’t want to do but I was determined that I wasn’t gonna waste any more time because

you can’t make more time.

I couldn’t just quit the job, but I could sure as hell start something on the side …

… so I decided I wanted to produce  a local equestrian magazine.

I wasn’t techy in the slightest, I had no skills digitally and didn’t even know where to start but I knew that I knew enough people in the industry to approach for content and some good companies that would be advertising prospects. This got me really fired up, and although I didn’t know how I was gonna do it, I knew I was.

So who are ‘these people’ that put these stupid thoughts in our head and fill us with self doubt?

People who we imagine to tell us that we aren’t qualified to do this. This makes us feel like we need to do more research to learn more, buy more courses which in turn keeps us in that same place and paralysed with fear.

I kept thinking about my ‘why’ and the people that I knew I could help, then one day I thought I’m not holding myself back any more, I’m my own bloody road block, “I will overcome self doubt!”.

‘So I set off on my journey, researching and asking advice wherever I could, after 15 months of hard work and although it didn’t make much money, I’d achieved what I set out to do and proved to myself that I could do what I set my mind to. Time was a factor for me as I still had ‘that job’ but I didn’t feel confident enough to leave it and go all in, which I needed to do by ramping up the advert sales, to make it viable for me.  I decided, as we all do, that the time wasn’t right for me but really I wasn’t brave enough to go all in. I had totally limiting beliefs, and that’s the thing, no one’s gonna give you the permission or a comfort blanket.

I knew that ‘The Job’ was holding me back …

… so slowly but surely I took on other online projects and I got more experience under my belt, doing 1:1 client work too and eventually walked away from the ‘ball & chain’.

It doesn’t matter at what level you’re at, everyone has that resistance. When I decided that enough was enough and to go all in, I was bursting with ideas of what I wanted to do, was super excited about it all, then sat on those ideas without taking the action. I bought the domain names, I built the websites and produced content but never took the steps to push myself out there. So why do we do that???


We feel silly, that people will think ‘who’s she to do that’ but I now know that those who have such an opinion are those that won’t do it themselves. Those of us who’ve pushed through those barriers know that we wouldn’t leave negative comments because we’ve felt that resistance know that everyone’s on their own journey. Because we can’t see the whole staircase, we feel uncomfortable to take those next steps. When you feel like that you know it’s those next steps that you have to take that will get you closer to where you want to be. You don’t need to see the whole picture, just take it step by step and you’ll soon overcome self doubt.

The trouble is, if we don’t make ourselves uncomfortable, life goes on, we keep doing what we’re doing in our bubble, but meanwhile that niggling feeling is still there. We’re frustrated and mad at ourselves because we know that that fear of judgement and actually doing it, putting ourselves out there, is holding us back.

But I also knew that if I didn’t ‘bite the bullet’ that I wouldn’t fill my full potential and nobody else was gonna do it for me.

So 12 years on, does it go away?

Not completely lol, as they say, ‘new level, new devil’ but now I don’t talk myself out of things as easily and we learn to find it a little easier to push through. I also get out of my own way by thinking that if they aren’t in the ring with me, why would I listen to their opinion?.

All of us have it in us to create the most amazing things and futures for ourselves, there are no limits. It’s never been as easy to start a business online and, if you’re thinking of getting started,  I’ll put a link below where you can grab the download to the steps you need to take to get on your journey.

So what have I learned along the way?

1) I realised that the more I watched my peers, that they were just regular people, with no special superpowers that had the same dreams that I had.

They too had the same resistance, said the same things as I was thinking, but knew that they had to start. Everybody begins at that same place, thinking the same thoughts, but when I looked at what they’d achieved,  I knew that the only answer was getting out there, and that’s the gap we need to bridge. There’s no other option if you want to make an impact on people’s lives.

2) Getting my head round the fact that people are going to leave negative comments, which says more about them than you.

These are people who don’t have the confidence to do it themselves and deep down are jealous that you’re doing it. Action takers aren’t interested in wasting time being negative and know what it takes. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, but know that you’ve made it when you get the haters lol, coz it’s part and parcel. Who cares about judgmental nobody’s who will never fulfil their dreams. When you get such comments, because you will, leave a nice comment to reply, or ignore and move on

3) Every day I made it a non negotiable to listen to something inspiring.

I was determined to make it happen and get focused with positive thoughts into my head, that I could do this! I bought a monthly Audible subscription and chose books that would help me to reframe my thoughts (WATCH THIS VIDEO where I give you my 5 top book choices that will help to do this for you too). LINK HERE Even if I was just going to the supermarket, and I still do it, I put those earbuds in and get those inspiring words and thoughts locked in. This way everyday inspiration is front of mind, otherwise it’s easy to trundle through the week without inspired action.

So listen, watch or read something inspiring every day.

4) Every day, I don’t care what it is, just do something to push you nearer to what you want to achieve, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

Break down the big steps into actionable chunks and cross them off your list. Practise in front of the camera for your videos, no one has to see those first reels. Start on that blog post, write that script for your audio, plan your freebie, whatever, but do SOMETHING. You’ll then get to the stage where you feel more confident and the steps become easier, and because you’ve done something everyday in the right direction, the next steps unfold themselves. I promise, the more you do, the braver you’ll get and everything will become easier.

5) I realised that as the saying goes, everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Everything we do, builds on our previous actions from which we learn and you can’t beat experience. You only get good at what you do when you’ve repeated it many times, whatever your profession.Your fears will soon become second nature when you’ve repeated that thing that’s holding you back but please don’t wait for perfection, just start. Everyone’s crap at first so as they say, don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else chapter 20.

You can make the decision today to show up like the person you know you need to be …

… to achieve what you want to achieve and have that life you want.. Imagine yourself being 20 years older than you are now, what would you say to yourself if you haven’t taken the action now that you know you need to do? You’ll have regrets for sure …

Remember, It will never be a million dollar idea, if you don’t take million dollar action! Your choice …


I have written a blog on my top 5 books that have helped me with mindset too. Have a read HERE …

What about ideas and the steps you can take to get yourself out there?

So, I hope that this video and blog has helped you to realise that you can overcome self doubt and now you know exactly how to get out of your own way and push forward.

I’ve written a comprehensive guide ’15 ways to get visible and grow your audience’ that you can download in the sidebar or below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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