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Knowing your Ideal Client Avatar

Knowing your Ideal Client Avatar is a key piece in your business puzzle and we must know who we’re talking to …

No doubt you’ve done these ideal client avatar exercises before but today I’m going to go deep into the important areas that you may not have covered before.

Download the FREE sheets in the box below and follow along with the video underneath, or read the blog, and fill in your ideal client info as we go along …


Your FREE worksheets HERE for your Ideal Client

Grab your worksheets

By the end of the video (above), you’ll have your completed work sheets and crystal ideas to really get clear on who’s your Ideal client and more importantly the ones you don’t want to work with! Because if you get that wrong, it’s nothing but hassle …

This Client is …

… a persona who’s a match for your dream client, the one person who if you could choose would be perfect to work with.

Typically, this would’ve been us some time ago, someone who is where we were, previous to us going through some kind of transformation.

You may be saying “ but I want to work with as many clients as possible and they can’t all be the same”!

Correct, but it doesn’t work if you cast your net wide, we need to find the ideal client.

You need to speak to the people who you can really help, not water down your message on the masses. As the saying goes “when you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no-one”

There are clients out there who will frustrate you and just drain you, then you don’t feel like showing up to be your best self.

Our business won’t sustain working with everyone. We should spend our time working with the ideal clients who loves everything we do, who don’t complain and that we’re happy to see their emails and messages in our inbox. We need to identify the one person who represents our best client.

Your Client Profile should have …

… characteristics that align with you, your company and your product. For this exercise I shall refer to as a ‘she’.

‘She’ is the one you would ask the Universe to send to you, and don’t worry. the others will still come, but will be more aligned with you, making it easier to serve them coming from your best place.

She needs to feels that you are speaking directly to her …

… and that you’ve made your product just for her. When you have this dialled in, it makes it so much easier for you to take them through your Customer journey and to close the sale more easily.

The more you speak to her fears and dreams, the deeper the connection, and she believes that you’re her solution.

We will attract our ideal client and engage without having to convince her that she needs this, it becomes so much easier.

So let’s get working on our Ideal Client Avatar, and download the free worksheets that go along with this video/blog below and either print them off or make your notes on paper.

Firstly, we need to turn our profile into an actual person …

We need to give her a name so that every time we are writing any copy at all, we don’t have to say ‘Ideal Client Avatar’ again.

To find her name, you may already have an ideal client already, or one you have in your sights to work with and if there’s any name that you think is fitting, let’s use that.

If not, let’s find one by asking what is her approximate age?

Pick the year when she’d be born, then google what would be the most popular name for a woman of that age, in that year, in your Country or area.

That will be her name for this exercise.

Now, we can search for an image of a ‘woman age 42 in Texas’ and see what images come through. Which image best resonates with your persona of your ideal client?

The look, how she’s dressed, what she’s doing? Find the best image that fits your ideal and Cut her out and put her on the worksheet or your notes.

We’ll now ‘talk’ directly Andrea when we write emails, ad copy, social media posts or any content that we produce. Now let’s go deeper.

We’re going to start with our Client’s demographics …

Use your best educated guess, if you don’t have the data, and as you grow your audience and put content out there, you’ll get feedback to help you get crystal clear.

You can return as often as you like to these sheets and tweek your information as you learn more and understand the situation of your people.

This helps to make you become the number one trusted advisor and this is the key to scale.

So Demographics – where they live, their family information, marital status, job title, industry etc. Work through the worksheet and complete this information with your best guesses.

To help you further, use your social media platforms to look at images and videos that match this person and what does their life look like?

What are their favourite Social Media platforms, websites and blogs?

What Facebook groups are they in?

Which influencers and celebrities to they follow?

What tv programs does she watch?

The magazines she reads, podcast she listens to? and where does she travel and spend her relaxation time?

Fill in these boxes in your worksheets …

… with your best guesses if you don’t have ideal clients already to work from.

This person will also:

  •   have a problem that you can solve,
  •   will be willing to pay you for it,
  •   is ready to buy in the near future and
  •   is someone you like.

Remember we want those who light us up and who excites us to work with them, to get them the results.

Now to go even deeper again, we want to get clear on her Psychographics this time – these are the reasons why she buys

… her personality, her behaviour, her attitude and values, as well as her beliefs.

On the second sheet of the work book now …

Write down 5 things that she fears, that are her pain points and she feels limited by.

For example, perhaps she’s 2 stone heavier than she should be. She may fear being overweight long term and that it may shorten her life expectancy so wants to do the best for her kids. She then doesn’t have the confidence to wear a swimsuit which limits her enjoyment when on holiday with the family.

She’s the one that always has a small child in from of her in the family photo perhaps.

Think about the first 5 things that she wants to move away from and write them down, trying hard to get into her head and really understanding her frustrations. There may be more than 5.


Now lets think about the things she’d like to move towards?

What are her goals and dreams, if she could wave a magic wand?

She’d perhaps like to look great in a pair of jeans, have the energy to play with the kids at the park.

Wants a beautiful family photo hanging above her mantle piece and lead herself a healthier life.

Write those goals and dreams down and again, there may be more that 5.


Throughout the day, if you see something that reminds you, ‘screen shot’ it or make notes on your phone to add to these resources, because as you’ll see shortly, they’ll become super important for your advert and sales copy.

What is she thinking about during her day? Things that she reads? What does she hear people say? and what does she say about herself or the topic?


When she’s with the other parents, what does she talk about? How does it affect her relationship with her friends and Husband? What is she feeling or doing about this? Where does she spend her time?

Because of her problem, what is she lacking? Sleep? self care? has a busy life? She’d trade everything for her kids and loves her  family holidays, bath scents and appreciation and realises that the kids are growing up fast and needs to do something quickly?


Write the story of her current life so that you’re in no doubt about who she is.


Maybe this person is was once you?


When you can communicate in a way that shows them that you have overcome their challenges and empathise with their struggles, that you’re on that same wavelength. Then you can’t help but attract the right audience.

When your messages connect and she thinks, ‘wow she really gets me’, that’s when the journey begins.

We as humans are hard wired to think that when someone understand our frustrations and can identify with our life situation, their default belief is that you can truly help them.

You can communicate that you know they’ve already tried this and this before but now you have the solution.

It’s clear that you get them, they believe you can get them to achieve their goals and this belief is required to opt in to you. This is then super powerful.


You now have the exact words and phrases to use …

… when you want to attract them into your eco-system and an understanding of where they’re at and what they do in in their daily lives.

You can now fill in the story blanks on the next page to fully understand her emotional needs and triggers and make any extra notes below with ideas that may come to mind, the clearer you get, the better.

Everything you do now is designed to eliminate her fears and help her to reach her goals.

Complete the story in your worksheets …


Now lastly, what motivates her to purchase?

This section can be completed with information that would include the great loss if she didn’t buy,

How would she be seen to her friends and neighbours if she achieved her goals?

People are compelled to do things that are in alignment with their values, so if your beliefs and actions align with her identity, you have the connection right there.

What can she have as her outcome?

How soon does she want this result?

and most importantly what is the cost to her if she doesn’t do it now?

When you have these, you’ll be the answer to her prayers!


Now you have the copy …

… test headlines, opt-ins, sale pages, ad copy all based on this information to attract and connect with the perfect people.

I want to impact a million lives but I realise that I have to reach each person one by one that shares my values and visions and who I resonate with completely.

​She will then tell her friends and they tell their friends so that we get the snowball effect of the ideal people in our business. As we’re told time and time again, those vanity metrics don’t matter, it’s true connections with real people, where the money is.

Me, I want to repel those that want everything done for them, won’t try and don’t want to put the work in.

I want to attract the action takers …


… those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work, to get the results without moaning.

When these are dialled in, we create true, amazing relationships with our people and they will progress further up your value ladder. This starts with your free opt-in, purchasing your low cost product, then on to your high ticket offers.

The best of it is that you can now change your thinking from ‘I need more money’ and how can I sell this’ to ‘what are my customer’s dreams and goals’. Also ‘what are they feeling’ and come from a place of being in their shoes, which can only help to grow your audience with the right people and ultimately make more sales …

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