Would you like a free brand board to help you grow a strong Personal brand? Great, you’re in the right place and you can save and amend it for use in Canva.

By the end of this video, you’ll have tips and ideas to help you establish your personal brand to make you stand out and get noticed!


You can download the free brand board at the bottom of this blog page.

We want our followers to fall in love with us and our brand so how do we get them to do this?

Our brand goes way deeper than a logo, colours and fonts from your brand board

They’re all part of it, granted but that’s not the definition of our personal brand.

We want to create deeper connections and make an impact with our audience by being unique. People buy from emotion and our brand needs to connect with our audience in a way that our favourite brands have connected with us.  

Think of 3 of your favourite brands that you absolutely love?

These could be:

  • Products
  • Mentors
  • Musicians
  • Influencers


What is it that makes you love them? What inspires you about them? How do they make you feel?

Think about how you can express yourself in a similar authentic and inspired way to do that very same thing that your favourites do to you, to connect and leave that imprint on your followers.

Secondly, what are 5 of your core values as a person and as a Company? These are things that are important to you in your everyday life that are your non-negotiables and things that you live by. These could be integrity, strength, love, laughter, kindness, spirituality, whatever is super important to you and part of your identity. These will be the foundation of your personal brand and will be woven through everything that you communicate and all of the content that you put out there. All these will be noted in your brand board.

Let me know some of your core values in the comments below, I find it so interesting to see what others build their brands on and what they stand for. For me, importance is integrity, loyalty. Action, to the point and happiness …

What moves and inspires you when things get tough? 

What is your mission? What do you feel compelled to do? My mission is to help as many entrepreneurs to start and grow an online business and realise that there is no ceiling on what they can earn or achieve in their lives.

This is your soul’s message, which ultimately translates through your brand.

Put your own authentic mark on your branding. You have the ability to get your clients massive transformations if you are willing to express yourself in an original, individual way. Your expression can change peoples lives, just as you’ve changed yours.

If you can imagine a flow chart, you as your personal brand are at the very top. The next level branches of the tree are your core values, your non-negotiable as a person as we’ve mentioned and written down earlier. The next layer down filters into the things that you love, whether that be family, cooking, fitness, beauty, anything that is you, then the bottom layer is your products, services, podcast, youtube channel, event, book whatever you have. This is the map of you, with a ‘bird’s eye view’ that creates your personal brand.

It’s your story that will sell your products

… the real you and everything you love, stand for and believe in will be woven through your message, which is why you audience love you and want everything you offer.

Our brand truly aligns with ourselves. We are quirky, creative, powerful and all of this will be the heartbeat of our brand.

This identity leads to the Clients we attract, so after we’ve got clear on our brand foundation, we can think about colours, styles and designs that align with us and that we know will draw in the people we want and keep out the ones we don’t.

Choose colours, fonts and styles that reflect you, the elements from the flowchart, who you help and why you do it. These make up your brand board.

Take a look at this brand board that I created for you in Canva. You can access this in my free download, the link is below in the description. 

Follow the instructions in the download and please make a copy first (it shows you how), and use this board for your own personal branding.

Practising consistent branding will help you to get recognised and drives your authority. You are going to be in it for the long game and you don’t have to have it all figured out. Do what feels good for you now and don’t overthink it. You and your brand will adjust and evolve as you move forward.  

But remember, action promotes clarity and the only way to get clear is to take action and do the work.

Now you know what you need to get clear on to design your Personal brand, so go do the work. Download the free brand board below.

Open your free account for your brand board at Canva HERE

I’d love to see your brand board creations so please tag me on Instagram @goforitgirlentrepreneur and I will share in my stories.

Check out this tutorial next on social media engagement ideas to weave your unique message into unusual and eye-catching social media posts  …..

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