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by | Jun 25, 2022 | Video Marketing

What to say in a social media video? – Here are some video and vlog ideas to hook and connect with your audience

Hi, I’m Elaine and welcome to all things video, made simple by using your smartphone …

In the video below …

I’ll give you ideas for what you can say in your social media videos and vlog ideas that will connect and keep your viewers interested so that you can increase your following, grow your email list and ultimately make more sales

One of the most common questions I hear is …

… what should I say when I create videos for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, well I’ve got some great ideas for you and at the end of the video I’ll tell you which type of social media videos work best for me and the framework that I use to get the best connection with my audience.

The aim is to attract the viewer, keep them entertained and then they go looking for more of you.

There’s no better way than using video to create this connection because when they can see your face, hear your voice and get your vibe, it creates a faster way to connection than any blog or static post can.

It doesn’t matter what system or ideas you use…

You ultimately have to be giving the viewer value of some description or else why would they stay? I wouldn’t want to watch a video about football tactics for instance, so I give you plenty of choice of styles and ideas to try to see what you and your viewers like the best. Don’t get despondent if they don’t ‘land’ straight away, it’s all trial and error with no right or wrong way.

So the first 2 things you need to ask yourself when looking for video and vlog ideas is:

  • (1) how do you want to make the audience feel? and
  • (2) what do you want them to do?

So for instance …

… when I’m creating a video I want my audience to feel inspired and motivated, knowing that the information I have given them about what has worked for me on my business building journey will inspire them to take action and do it for themselves.

I know how hard it was to to build a list of followers thinking that it must have been so much easier for everyone else to do it …

… when in reality it’s just about trying what’s worked for others, learning from them and adjusting it to fit your model. The mistake people make is thinking that it ‘hasn’t worked’ for them and never will, when the truth is it does take time and accepting that with consistency and time, that’s when you get the results. Don’t think it will happen over night! but honestly it will, because I was no different.

When my viewers feel inspired and motivated to make a start …

I then want to encourage them to download my free offering which is geared up to help them make progress. This of course is a win/win because my freebie will be value packed for them with information that will help with their journey and I’m growing my email list with people who I know want to learn about what I teach.

What is the best content for a vlog or social media video?

So once you’ve established how you want them to feel and what you want them to do, we decide what type of video style will be relevant to achieve these outcomes.

Your video or vlog topics should be related to the questions that your audience asks

Include their pain points, struggles and setbacks that they’re having. This way your video will attract and connect with the viewer that’s interested in your solution and want to hear more from you.

What should I make a vlog or social media video about?

So, here are some ideas of the videos you can create for your social media channels:

  1. A ‘How to’ – Teach how to do a specific thing – with the steps they need to take to achieve a desired result
  2. Inform or educate them on something in your niche. Tell them about something that works, something that’s new, foundational or that’s an important part of their journey. Anything that will help the viewer to move a long the path that gives them a quick win.
  3. Case studies and testimonials – share the stories of people who had their problem and have now overcome it. They don’t have to be people who’ve worked with you, tell stories of those who have achieved results within your industry. Like Gary Vaynerchuk for instance. His social media videos are mainly inspirational and motivational, from which he grew quickly. which leads me onto the next …
  4. Inspire and motivate them by sharing a lesson. Give them the hope and the future outcome and how that’s possible. That by doing ‘this and this’ you can go from ‘this to this’, the latter being their desired result.
  5. Next, Show them another way of doing something – i.e your way, to create awareness, this is  often called thought reversal. It’s away to make a stand for what you believe, showing them that you don’t have to do that to get from A-B, but that there is a better solution. This can show you as being a thought leader and it can change their way of thinking which makes them want to be part of your tribe.
  6. Entertainment – make them laugh, show them behind the scenes at an event in your industry, reality TV – a day in the life of you and keep it reel. People in reality are nosey and when they see that you’re just a regular guy, this endears them to your personality and vibe and of course they’ll then want more.

Now this one is my favourite vlog ideas or social media video for connection with my audience …

and that is to tell a story. Weaving stories into videos keeps the viewer stuck like glue and in the words of Donald Miller from Storybrand – “nobody can look away from a good story”.

When I’m telling stories in my videos …

I include observations, lessons learned etc with thought provoking statements that show my values and beliefs which makes the viewer think oh yes, I agree, I’m just like that. This can create a faster connection as well as building authority. I love story telling stories in my marketing posts, so look out for my next weeks video and blog where I talk about how to use story telling in videos and the script to use to connect.

If you’re getting started with video, grab my FREE Video Confidence 7 Day Booster Journal HERE to help you get past any confidence blocks as well as giving tips & hacks to be more confident on video plus your clarity steps. It’s 38 pages of goodness …

What kind of vlogs or videos are popular?

Now, as promised, I’ll give you the framework that I use to create my video content and why I do it this way.

Firstly, choose a juicy hook …

Something that piques curiosity about a problem they’re having. So for instance, my hook for this video is ‘What to say in your social media videos to connect with your audience’. I know that it’s a problem people have. I also tell them what’s coming up in the video as I want them to watch as much as possible. This will not only help them but all the time they are listening and learning, it’s creating a connection.

You have to get creative with your vlog ideas and video titles …

… because these are what’s going to get the viewer to take the first step and click that button to watch. It comes with practice and have a look what others are doing too. Use words that entice people to click to find out the answer. Use curiosity and play on their nosiness, however don’t use clickbait.

Never use a heading just to get someone to click and then the information you give them isn’t at all relevant …

You have to be authentic in every single post, video, email etc that you put out there, because if you give the reader or viewer any doubt at all that you aren’t trustworthy, they’re out.

That’s one sure way to never see them again!

I then tell a relevant story …

and in this video, I mention that I see it frequently that people don’t create video because they don’t know what to say,  and that I will show what has worked for me and what will help them on their journey. This makes them realise that they fall into this category and that that the video is worth listening to, because I’ve been through what they are going through now, having the same struggles which they know I’ve overcome.

I then teach approximately 3 lessons, can be less but no more than 5.

This is the information that I promised them at the beginning and I deliver on what I said I would give. I don’t add fill, I get to the point and keep it relevant.

I then give a call to action …

of what I want the viewer to do, so in this video I mentioned my smartphone video download.

Then finally, I give a summary and recap on the points to refresh …

on what we discussed and they then realise that learning from me is clear and concise.

So to recap …

firstly ask yourself how do you want your viewer to feel when they’ve watched your video and secondly, then what do you want them to do after?

Get clear on those 2 points.

Then decide on the type of video you want to create, whether that’s a:

A ‘How to’ video

or one that informs or educates.

Case studies and testimonials showing achievements

or an inspiration/motivational video

Possibly a though reversal video that shows another way and creates an awareness

Or maybe you’re on a trip, at an event or can show behind the scenes in a video diary style, to provide them with entertainment

Or you can use storytelling that brings the message back to what you do and how you can help them.

Then use the framework I gave you

… firstly the hook, then the story, then the lessons, the call to action and then the summary of your content from the video, like I’ve just for you now.

What vlog and video ideas will work for me?

So try those different styles for your videos and vlog ideas, see what works, change them up, repeat and remember, borrow my mantra, start where you’re at, work with what you’ve to and keep moving forward.

You can only tell what works for you …

… by creating the content and testing. There is no set thing to say will work but I’ve given you different ideas to try that allow you to cover different angles and test the waters.

Be bold and adventurous and above all, be authentic and keep it reel because that’s what will attract or repel the right people.

I know that we don’t like the thought of people not liking us because it doesn’t feel right, but believe me, it’s a good thing. It’s no good having people in your audience and on your email list if they’re never going to buy from you. That’s going to cost you money and water down the correct metrics. After all, do you like everyone? No!

Don’t take it personally …

… people are selfish and ask themselves what’s in it for them. That’s why we always have to provide helpful information when we’re creating our content.

Vlog and video ideas for beginners …

To start with, you need to find your feet and this takes time. You can only find what suits you by starting and taking action because there’ll be nothing surer, you will pivot many times to different subjects and styles before you find the one you love. Then when you do, we’re constantly evolving as creators and as we experiment and learn more, we then take different paths, which ultimately lead us to different things.

So don’t ‘beat yourself up’ about having to have it all figured out because you won’t, and even if you think you do, it WILL change as you progress…

Daily Vlog and Video suggestions …

If you want to create vlogs and videos daily then show a starting point and an ending point, with the progress in between. These can be a house make over, a painting or picture, a cluttered mess or whatever lends itself to your niche. When creating content every day, you have to find ways to keep them hooked for more, so open loops and use teasers to get them to tune into the next episode.

Next, take a look at these …

Here are blogs on creating content to grow your email list and this one on attracting your ideal client, which shows you not only how to understand who you’re serving but to really get clear on what they’re feeling and thinking too.

When you have that dialled in, the magic happens.

Keep taking imperfect action and I’ll see you in the next blog …


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