Confident Video Creator’s Membership




Join the ultimate skill and confidence building community that helps you master showing up on video and learning to create videos that connect with your audience, to build your personal brand. These are videos such as:

✅ Reels (Instagram and Facebook)

✅ LinkedIn

✅ Instagram and Facebook Stories

✅ YouTube (Shorts and long form videos)

✅ Video Sales Letters (VSL’s)

✅ Course content

✅ Lives and Launches

✅ Summit speaking

… and the list goes on

It’s about you showing up as your unique self and creating content that gets you visible and grows your unique personal brand so that you get seen, heard and make more sales.

When you join today for only £7/month (I wanted to make it affordable for everyone) you get:

Tools and trainings to build your skill set

A massive library of resources and templates

A community of like-minded people and a safe space practice group

❣️ Q&A’s, accountability and support to help you succeed

✨ Cancel anytime and if you’re not happy when you join I’ll give you your money back.

At best you’ll create great videos and at worse it will cost you nothing, so what have you got to lose?

If you know that you want to do more, be more and create impact by helping others with your products and services, then this Membership’s for you.

Not only do you trainings, accountability and a members only safe space to practice and network, but you get the templates, downloads and a library packed full of resources to help make it easy for you to show up on video and in business like the Lioness you are and make the impact you want!

Come and join us HERE


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