New Product Launch – Use THIS Video Strategy

New Product Launch – Use THIS Video Strategy

If you’re planning a new product launch, you can’t beat video to push your campaign. In fact if you’re launching any business, event, services, website or current products, then this blog is for you. I’ll show you how to prepare your content campaign and use a video strategy so that you’re ready to launch. Then, […]

Posting Videos on Instagram Explained …

Posting Videos on Instagram Explained …

Posting videos on Instagram can get quite confusing ... ... what goes where, why do we use each type and where do they live? Here I’ll explain the 5 types of Instagram videos, and break them down to explain how they fit into your content plan, how you can use them...

How to overcome lack of confidence on camera & video

How to overcome lack of confidence on camera & video

In this blog (and video below if you prefer)  I’m going to help you learn how to overcome lack of confidence on camera and get confident for you to start making those videos. I’m going to hopefully make you see it from a different perspective as well as giving you...

My Philosophy

Mission ...

My mission is to help and inspire as many Female Entrepreneurs as possible to start with video, stand out in their area of expertise and grow their business. I help you with inspiration and confidence to share your voice and do what you’re called to do, by using video …

Let's Get Started

There’s no time like the present to start, video is everywhere and it’s the best medium for audience connection. When they can see your face and hear your voice it quickly builds the Know, Like and Trust factor, all necessary to convert to sales …

Grow It Together

There’s no overwhelm. I give you a toolbox to become visible across all platforms, grow an engaged audience and make more sales. I’m here to encourage, inspire and motivate you with not only tactics and strategy, but implementation too …

What People Are Saying …

“As an older woman, I felt terrified of being seen until I met Elaine. I’ve done her Video Visibility Kickstarter course, her Challenges and I’m a member of her Video Visibility Lab membership. Elaine goes above and beyond in sharing her knowledge and supporting you every step of the way”


Diane Morgan

Grief Recovery Coach , www.givegriefachance.com

“Elaine has helped me so much with my videos, the hardest thing was for me to do a face to camera video, but I’ve got so many video tips from her on Stories and Reels and now I’ve done them, I’ve got my face on camera! and I create videos to help people decorate their walls with happiness”


Deanna Aliano

Abstract Artist, www.artbydeanna.com

“I just have to give Elaine a rave review, she’s helped me though the how’s, what’s and why’s of Reels  and I feel so fired up and empowered now and excited for how it’s going to grow my business. If you’re looking for any help with video and finding your voice then definitely check out Elaine, her mission is beautiful”


Victoria Knowles-Lacks

Certified Coach and #1 Best Selling Author, www.victoriaknowleslacks.com

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