How to overcome lack of confidence on camera & video

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Video Marketing

In this blog (and video below if you prefer)  I’m going to help you learn how to overcome lack of confidence on camera and get confident for you to start making those videos. I’m going to hopefully make you see it from a different perspective as well as giving you give you tips on things you can do, that really helped me to gain more confidence on camera.



Hi, I’m Elaine and welcome to my blog. If you’ve not been here before, I give you information on what I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey and help you with shortcuts to getting where you want to go that little bit faster.

So firstly, understand that we all start at exactly the same place with our videos and you have to accept that, your first few videos aren’t going to be perfect. I don’t like the word perfect anyway, it’s subjective because what’s perfect for one, isn’t for another. So what’s perfect anyway?

I didn’t like my voice nor the way I looked on camera so if you feel the same way, know that you’re no different than any of us. Everyone starts out awkward with cringe factor and we’ve got to learn how to overcome lack of confidence.

For me, the main concern is that the content you’re delivering is good and is going to help your viewer move forward with a quick win. So focus on the content and don’t think you have to be video perfect, just do the best that you can, with what you have at the time.

When we start, we’re concerned about being judged, that’s the crux of it, that affects our confidence. Judged by our friends, family and strangers on the internet, when the truth of the matter is that nobody really cares. Seriously, anyone who’s out there trying to win at life doesn’t care about your imperfections, only the judgemental nobodies that will never do anything anyway, may have something to say. The very few that do, ignore, block, delete and don’t waste a moment thinking about it. They’re not on your journey …

For me, I just focused on what I really wanted, and that was to build a business that allows me the freedom that I have and I knew that video was the next step to get me there.

I’d helped clients with their videos but me on the other side of the camera? No, that wasn’t for me but when I realised that video was going to be the quickest way to build my list, my audience and connections, then I knew I had to get my ‘big girl’ pants on and start doing videos.

I visioned what I wanted and everyday, I took small steps in the right direction. I wanted to have a membership that helped people create video to get visible and grow their business so this meant that I had to create content to promote, connect and help people, to bring them into my world. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, here’s a link to the ‘Video Visibility Lab’ wait list, get your name on it and we’ll notify you with details, when doors open.

I held my vision of what I wanted in my mind and thought about this every time I felt like backing off from making videos. This really helped me on how to overcome lack of confidence.

Was I really going to let other people’s opinions of me stop me from having what I wanted? No way! and when I got this in my head, yes, I felt uncomfortable, yes I felt resistance but it’s a fact, when you feel like that, you have to do that very thing to grow. As they say, ‘everything you want is on the other side of fear’.

When you look back at what you’ve overcome and achieved in any area of your life, you know that the journey is always a work in progress. You don’t end up where you think you will from the start, but you have to take the action to get the clarity and confidence to do more. This in turn creates more action, clarity and confidence as you up the level.

So stop doubting yourself, realise it’s a journey that’s going to take time to get into the flow, but you will get there and you’ll find your own way.

Remember when you were learning to drive. You were nervous, it took concentration, there was so much to think about and remember, but now that you’ve had practice and experience, it comes natural to you and you no longer feel like you did. You jump in the car and away you go, can do it with your eyes closed so to speak (but obviously not a good idea when driving)

So here’s 10 tips on how to overcome lack of confidence and you to help you feel confident to get on camera, hit that record button and start making your amazing videos …

Number 1 – To get in the right frame of mind, do what you find helpful to get pumped, such as going for a walk, playing loud music, singing, dancing, meditation, whatever …

Psyche yourself up, you’re going to create a great video, let’s get this party started

Number 2 – Hair done and a little make up to make you feel confident in your appearance. Keep it natural, don’t obsess or take ages over it, just get the job done.

Number 3 – Wear comfortable clothing that you would normally wear everyday, you don’t have to dress up fancy. I find that a solid colour looks better on camera, but of course the choice is yours, try what you like and as always see what works for you.

Number 4 – Have a plan of what you’re going to say. It’s up to you if you use a teleprompter or if you prefer an outline on a note pad or bullet points on a post it note behind the camera. You may want to memorise lines and shoot in short clips. What ever you decide, remember you can always edit so don’t think you have to be word perfect. If you make a mistake, hold the pose and continue where you left off, edit later.

Number 5 – Sit or stand, whatever you feel comfortable doing and when you get into position, start recording, but you don’t have to be ready to start talking. Take your time, roll your neck, shake your arms and shoulders before you start and get composed. Deep breath, then start to talk when you’re ready …

Number 6 – Talk to the camera like you would to a friend. Imagine you’re having a conversation with that one person and talk to them like you would if they were in the room with you. Keep the energy up and like a natural conversation.

Number 7 – Smile! You look a lot better when you have a smiley demeanour rather than looking deadpan at the camera. Not over the top, just in a way that looks natural and approachable.

Number 8 – If it feels easier, start by creating short form video for your stories or Reels. This can feel less intimidating because there’s not the pressure to create a longer video and if you aren’t entirely happy with it, your stories disappear after 24 hours. Quick tips with you on camera can be just the thing to get you started and gets your confidence up to start and post content out to the world.

Number 9 – Practice, practice, practice. There’s nothing better to strengthen your confidence muscle than experience. Practice is progress, we’re always building our skills and it’s all a work in progress journey. So if it makes you feel better, practice every day for a week before you put your first video out.

Number 10 – Be yourself. As with anything when you’re putting content out, be yourself . Don’t change to be what you think you should be, we want to attract the right people in and repel the ones that aren’t a right fit. Choose to create content that you love and make your main goal to get your viewer motivated about it too.

So remember that along our entrepreneurial journey we grow and get to the next level, then we go again. There’s nothing better than video to push that next level and until you start, you won’t get the experience or those results you want.

I have a free download for you, my Video Confidence 7 Day Booster Journal HERE to help you get past any confidence blocks as well as giving tips & hacks to be more confident on video plus  your clarity steps. It’s 38 pages of goodness ..

Tag me in any stories or Reels that you do (on Facebook or Instagram) Follow me HERE @goforitgirlentrepreneur, I love to see what you’re creating.

Don’t overthink it, you have to go through the process, hold that vision of what you want and eye on the prize! I hope this has helped you with how to overcome lack of confidence …

Have a look at  these blogs next that show you how I create my videos from start to finish as well as first video ideas for you and what to say in them.

Start where you’re at and work with what you’ve got because today somebody needs to hear your message, don’t keep it to yourself. Happy filming …


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