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by | Jan 19, 2023 | Video Marketing

If you’re planning a new product launch, you can’t beat video to push your campaign. In fact if you’re launching any business, event, services, website or current products, then this blog is for you.

I’ll show you how to prepare your content campaign and use a video strategy so that you’re ready to launch. Then, when you put out your offer, there’s no icky selling tactics or hard sell required. In fact your people are eagerly awaiting your offer.

In our business we have seasons and we need to create video content according to the season we’re in. Our seasons are Visibility, where we get eyeballs on our content and bring new people into our world. Then engagement, where we nurture those people with value. Next is lead generation where our audience make a micro commitment to us, to get on our list and effectively become a step nearer to working with us. Lastly, we have sales season, where we offer our products, services, events etc and our leads become clients.

So we’re taking our viewers from cold traffic when they first meet us, up the scale to hot leads (when they know like and trust us) and when we get them there, they can’t way to hand over their wallets.

These seasons are not equal in length. Visibility is probably the longest and if your product is evergreen, then sales will be more than likely secondary. For me, visibility and engagement work together and they’re my longest season, with lead generation and then sales.

Important things to do as part of your video launch strategy

If you haven’t done already, set up a way to collect email addresses as soon as possible. It’s imperative that with a new product launch (or any launch) we use an email provider to do so, not just your gmail account. Get started with an email provider such as Mailchimp, it’s free to get started and easy to use. Don’t overthink which one to go with, just get one set up that doesn’t stop you moving forwards and start collecting those email addresses as soon as possible.

Create something of value to give away for free to offer your audience in exchange for their email address. This can be a pdf, workbook, cheat sheet, checklist, video or something similar, that helps your ideal person with a problem they have. It should give them a quick win when they’ve read or watched it. Make sure that this ‘freebie’ is visible in any of your social media links and on your website so that when your viewers want to know more about you, it’s visible and available for them as a next step, to get to know you better and become part of your community.

This can also be used as your new product launch waitlist to keep things simple, so that when you start to promote and talk about your upcoming offerings, they can be notified. This also includes events, challenges, masterclasses etc whatever you use as a launch trigger before cart opens.Tease what’s coming, ask for their input so that when the time comes to launch, they’re already invested in your journey. Share your freebie wherever you think it will give value and let’s start building your list.

New Product Launch Strategy

Building a warm audience is THE most important thing for a successful new product launch. If your audience isn’t warm to you (i.e they don’t know or like you) don’t expect content or paid ads to convert so well to sales. Your viewer doesn’t know why they should buy from you or what you can do for them. Just because you know your product is amazing, they don’t. They also need to trust you before they whip out their credit card, so we need to create a strategy that does all of this before our launch.

Whilst I’m sure we’ve all heard and understand that the Know, like and trust factor is required to sell, many don’t implement it. We must get this foundation in place for any offer to convert to sales, even if it’s low numbers to start, otherwise there’ll be crickets when we offer our new product launch. Nobody wants zero sales!

First we have our Visibility season. This paired with the engagement phase is all part of your runway to lead generation and the longer you can have to generate leads to your list and nurture those leads before you offer, the better.

Visibility and engagement can be created with short form videos such as Reels or any short form video content, an ideal way to get new people on your radar. You then have the chance to make an impact which covers the know and like phase plus when you give value, the trust will follow. Creating videos for your feed gives your viewers further touch points and when you go deeper into your Reels and short form subjects with more value, you’re deepening the trust element. For those who want to know more about you, they can then watch your ‘Live videos’ or visit your YouTube channel for even more value and they can visit your stories and highlights to get to know you better.

Ask your audience for feed back too …

… with surveys, questions and polls, which helps with your new product launch content and product creation plus the more they react to any content, the more the algorithm shows them.

So creating great, consistent content that helps your ideal person to get nearer to their goal, is what needs to be done, for them to  become your warm audience. Give them tips, teach them things, quick wins, help them grow, anything that shows you as being a great resource for them, and they’ll not forget you.

I use this video value strategy all year round in preparation to launch my Video Visibility Lab Membership, so that when it comes time to open cart, my audience already knows who I am, what I can do for them and the immense value I give, so that the right people join and buy.

Repurposing your content so that you’re seen in multiple place is also smart, so use your short form videos, up to 3 minutes or so, on your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn Feeds too. Create a Pinterest video pin to send traffic to your website or channels, send the information to your email list and talk about it in your stories, with a link to watch or read the full content.

My long form videos, I use to create a blog (like this one) as well as carousel posts and all other touch point areas on Instagram so that my content’s available to help as many people as possible. You’ve heard the saying by Zig Ziglar “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” So share the value and make a difference.

When you’re in your lead generation phase, lives, interviews, guest podcasts, collborations, joint ventures, press releases and local newspapers can  all help you to get in front of new audiences, so that new people become aware of your great content and come into your world.

Call to actions for your videos …

Always give them a call to action at the end of your videos, blogs and posts so that they know where to find you and give them a next step to help them on their journey. Your main goal is getting them onto your email list.

Then comes the sales phase when you are in promotion and conversion mode. Use testimonials and client stories to show the results you get and how you’re different from the rest. Create videos that bust objections (which are generally people thinking they don’t have enough time, money, they feel like they can’t achieve the result you offer) so show them how to overcome those obstacles, and the transformations they can achieve, including your own story. Keep these going right up to cart close and then you can focus on serving your buyers.

Being visible across all of the places shows you as being the ‘go to ‘ person in your niche and of course the more engagement you can create, the more you show up by the algorithms.

So bare in mind these seasons when creating your content. Decide which season you’re currently in and create video content accordingly.

Grab my FREE Video Confidence 7 Day Booster Journal HERE to help you get past any confidence blocks as well as giving tips & hacks to be more confident on video plus  your clarity steps. It’s 38 pages of goodness …

What makes a good launch video?

There isn’t just one launch video that’s going to get you results from cold traffic. You need to create videos for …

… your Visibility phase – you’re going to create video that gets you seen and reels are a great place to start. Use trends sparingly, always come from a place of what’s in it for my viewer’ and give value. Short form feed videos for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, answering your audiences pain points, motivating them, giving tips, inspiration, teachables and entertainment. Check out my Instagram account to see what I mean, I’d love to connect with you there.

Engagement phase – You’re getting interaction from your audience along with feedback and comments. Use this to tailor your content/products and nurture them with the value they need, then they’ll be more likely to be invested in your journey.

Lead generation – This is where you will collect email addresses to join your list, events etc where you will give value before you open cart. Give regular value, talk about your events, tell people stories of who you’ve helped. Look for interviews, podcasts etc to reach new people and use video in your stories to shout it from the rooftops.

Sales Phase – this is where you open cart and make your offer. Keep up the pace during ‘cart open’ with lives, proof from your clients, demo your product, share your story and show how your product will make their life better/easier and the result/transformation that it will give them.

So keep this video strategy in mind when creating your content and ensure that you’re not always selling as that’s a sure fire way to turn people off. Good luck with your new product launch!

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