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Digital content creation can seem overwhelming when you don’t know what to post. It’s not easy creating consistent content, that will attract and grow your email list. Any content that we put out on whatever platforms, should always be of value, otherwise there’s just no point in doing it. If you’re posting for posting’s sake, your audience will just ‘switch off’ to you.

Watch the video below, or read the blog and I’ll tell you the 5 types of content you should be posting to keep your audience engaged and wanting more from you, and examples of the type of information you can give for each category.


The information I give you is what I’ve found to work in my journey of building a business online, so look out for a new video and blog each week to help you build yours.

Whilst we aren’t going to be ‘everybody’s cup of tea’, which is fine, we want to attract the right kind of people into our world, and give them as much value as possible with our digital content creation. When a listener aligns with our values and our beliefs, it reinforces a connection that you’re like them, and makes them far more likely to start on the customer journey with you.

That’s why video content is so powerful too, not only are they listening to your message, but they can see your face, your actions and body language, which can instantly create that relationship to instils trust and confidence in you.

So what type of content topics should we be producing?

NUMBER 1 – Inspirational Content

… that creates affinity and connection. This is content that shows that you understand where your listener is at and that they can have the outcome that they desire. This could be your journey that you’ve been on, so tell them your story and let them see that you’ve had the struggles that they’re having and that you’ve overcome them by doing x, y and z. This positions you as having the answers to their problems when they can see that you’ve been in ‘the same boat’ as they’re in, so to speak and are more likely to follow you and want find out more about you, so make sure you include your details so they know where to find you. When they know that you have created the results that they want, then you’re going to be the guide that helps.

NUMBER 2 – Show them a different or new way with your digital content creation.

Create awareness for your audience, that just because we’re told that it’s normal or expected to do something or that it should be done in a certain way,  then we call BS on that belief. Shift their perspective on the topic. Brandon Lucero calls it ‘Thought Reversal’ content, where you’re taking an industry norm and flipping it on its head. This not only creates polarising content that affirms your core beliefs and values but it either draws or repels the listener, making sure that you have only more of the right people in your audience. As an example of this content, have a think what people say is the correct way to do something or a belief that is widely used, that you don’t agree with because you or you know of someone who’s done something differently and it’s worked for them. For instance, we all believe that when we start with our online business that we should have the perfect website in place with a beautiful logo and fancy images etc, when in reality, if we have a product to sell, we need a sales page, great content and an audience to make sales. The rest can come later.

It is also widely believed by many that we should go to college or university and get further education in order to have a better job to earn more money, after we’ve left school. This is another limiting belief that is generally said to us by our parents or teachers – people whom we trust. Well it could be said that that’s not true, because look at Richard Branson for example …

So you get the idea, take a belief that’s widely said and used in your industry and call it out, showing that you have a way that’s better, which shows you as a thought leader and a guiding light for them.

NUMBER 3 – Inform and Educate

This is content that answers your people’s problems or questions. This can be in the form of ‘how to’ videos and blogs or maybe go live with Question and Answer sessions. If you know what their struggles are, then answer those and if not, ask in groups or take note of comments. For instance, I’m doing this video for you now, that helps you with the type of content to post to get attention. This is because I hear on a regular basis that people don’t know or get overwhelmed with what to post, but feel they should be visible on their social media platforms everyday. So what do they do? They post a meme or an inspirational quote that they’ve taken 20 minutes to create in Canva, then wonder why they’ve no sales at the end of the week. There’s nothing wrong with inspirational quotes and those types of posts, to compliment core content that you’ve produced, but don’t expect those type of posts to get you the following or email list growth that you need to make the sales.

That’s why I’ve produced this video to tell you about content that you can produce that creates connection with your people. Through my videos you can tell that I am the type of person that wants to help and tell what I’ve been through and found to work for my growth. You can also tell by my mannerisms and body language that I like to get to the point and I hate fluff. I also like to help people that want to take action and implement what they’ve learned. Another reason why video is an exceptional medium, whatever the content you produce.

NUMBER 4 – Entertain

Everyone likes a laugh and a bit of reality tv, so if you can appeal to your audience’s sense of humour or can show something of interest or behind the scenes, then this is a great way to strengthen your connections too. For instance, do a vlog of an event that you’re attending, especially if it’s within your industry or something that’s trending. You could also do a ‘behind the scenes’ of something in your workplace, a new product or anything else that’s related to what you’ve been doing or showing your lifestyle. This can work because it’s different and authentic to you, showing your style, humour and mannerisms that only you have and people are interested in others lives.

I think that it’s imperative that we laugh and humour is a big part of how I spend the time with my friends. I am a little reserved on camera so far, however the more I get to know you, I’m sure that will change lol.  Being authentic is important because if you’re not, your audience will sniff it out a mile off.

NUMBER 5 – Case studies

This is storytelling at it’s finest when you can show a client’s story that has produced a transformation, especially showing the result and outcomes that your listeners want. You can also strengthen this with testimonials too, which is so powerful because the endorsement is coming from someone else and not just because you said so. You can also weave in the reasons why you do what you do and the big benefits for them that can be achieved by doing so. Team this with a tasteful sales pitch and you’re selling without being sleazy. Don’t over do these, but in conjunction with your other content can work really well as you’re letting your people know what you have to offer and how you can help them.

You will find that the more valuable content your audience consumes from you, the more they’ll want to work with you further, so don’t be afraid of asking for the sale. That is your duty to them to help all you can.

For me, video is the preferred choice of medium to provide the content I create for my audience. I then repurpose this information to cover all platforms and use it as a content carousel.

I post my video on YouTube and I then send this to my email list, giving them the chance to watch and read if it’s of interest to them. I make the video into short teasers for Instagram feed and stories as well as the other social media platforms. I then use these platforms to send my audience to a valuable lead magnet, to grow my email list. All the while I’m optimising my content for YouTube and Google too, for the best chances of being seen everywhere. Whenever I see a question I’m a group, I’ll use this to help and produce further content or point the person who needs help to one of my resources that gives them the information that they need.

I know I should be doing video …

We all have a smartphone these days, which makes it so easy to put content out. If you’re not using video and you’d like to know how to get started, check out my free download below – ’10 tips to filming video like a pro with your smartphone’ – It gives advice on how to get started and confidence to get in front of the camera.

If you struggle with self doubt with getting your content out there, then this blog and video may be of interest to you, where I share what flipped the switch for me, and you’ll be so glad that you got started, because when you do, doors open that you’d never have believed.

It’s all in our mind …

…the fears and negative thoughts that hold us back from putting our content out there. Eventually, we pluck up the courage, after buying many courses and watching others, instead of taking action straight away.

We know that our content is valuable and can help our audience like it’s helped us and we wish we knew it when we started, but still it takes us the time to get it out there. Why? Because our ego tells us lies and rubbish thoughts, that we aren’t good enough or qualified, when really I should have asked myself ‘can I help someone achieve this?’. Knowing the answer was ‘yes’ should have given me the kick up the pants I needed, instead of me procrastinating!

All of ours peers started somewhere and just had the courage to go for it. James Wedmore clarifies it by saying that it’s selfish to keep the information to yourself, when you could be the answer to someone’s prayers with your valuable content.

I’d never thought of it this way before, but this helped me to get out of my own way. We are all worried about the comments and thought’s that our viewers may have and so worried that they may actually tell us. Well so what, it’s only their opinion and they obviously aren’t on the same journey. More so, it says more about them because positive entrepreneurs who know what it takes, wouldn’t waste time commenting negative words for no good reason.

My download below, ’10 Tips to filming video like a pro with your smartphone’ has helpful information for confidence tips to get you in front of the camera, as well as other tips to produce great video content. If you’re not using video in your business, why not? It’s one of the cheapest ways to get leads from Facebook ads as well as vital for growing connection and trust with your audience.

So, to summarise …

Whatever content you put out should always have a purpose, to connect, inform, educate, inspire or motivate and preferably towards your other content or offerings. Always speak to your listener’s head and their heart, giving the answers to their struggles and challenges, and you’ll be seen as their ‘go to’ mentor to help them on their journey …

For more videos that can help you with your business building journey, take a look at and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.


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