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Are you ready to change your world?

I can hear you now …

“but who’d want to listen to my voice”?


Lots of people! You have a message that only you can share and if you only impact one person, then you’ve done an amazing job.

If you can help someone that’s struggling then it’s selfish to keep the information inside your head!

Hi I’m Elaine ….


… and I’ve been building online business’ since 2009. My teaching style is a ‘no fluff’ approach to get from A to B, in the shortest possible time. 


Why learn from me?


I’ve produced podcasts for client’s as well as my own so I know the exact steps to take to get the job done.

I’m a big believer with ‘hand holding’ if needed, to give you the confidence to achieve what you set out to do.

I’m always on hand to help with any struggles and there’s lots of help and advice in the group too. You don’t get left to ‘go it alone’  after you’ve joined my program, I want to see you launch.


But why should I be podcasting? …


Podcasting is a super fast growing medium​ to get visible in the noisy marketplace. All of your potential customers around the world, want more information ‘on demand’. It also makes streamlining your content marketing easy and effective, which we dive into deeply.

Podcasting fills the gap in a way that no other platform does as your audience can listen, whilst multi tasking in their busy lives.

Podcasting creates a personal connection with your listener and of course you as the creator do not have to be in front of the camera, a task that puts so many introverted business owners off, getting themselves visible.

Your competition will soon catch on to this amazing marketing strategy, so get in quickly whilst ‘the pool’ is relatively small and get ahead of the game!


Module 1


A short introduction to Podcasting and how to get the most out of the course.

You’ll understand the massive benefits of how a podcast can make a massive, positive impact on your life and business then you’ll be ready to dive in and get started on your podcasting journey.

Module 2


This is where we map out YOUR Podcast.

We choose the subject and  a name and get clear on exactly who we’ll be talking to in our episodes.

We will also decide on what format we want the episode to take and then we have a plan to get producing.


Module 3


This is where we discuss the equipment and what’s right for you.

We talk through the options of what you may or may not need from free and upwards, so that you can decide. But don’t worry, the barrier entry is low cost.

Module 4


This is where we start to record and edit our episodes.

Here you’ll learn the easiest way to plan your episodes and get them done.

You will also be able to produce your own into/outro and add music, if that’s what you decide to do for your Podcast.

Module 5


In this module, we discuss the hosting for our podcast and how to choose what’s right for YOU.

We learn how to get our Podcast artwork done and then how to put everything together, ready to submit our Podcast to the relevant platforms.

Module 6


In the last module, we go through various strategies for marketing and monetising your Podcast.

We learn how to use these effectively, to gain you and your business more visibility and a way to make your content marketing so much easier and consistent.





This All Sounds Great But…

I'm worried I don't have the time?

It will take time to record and edit each episode but the more you do, the quicker you’ll get.

As part of your marketing, you should putting out consistent content and podcasting helps you to do this. From an episode, you can then quickly and easily produce an instant blog post, many social media posts and even a video. You are then covering all bases for your marketing so effectively, podcasting saves you so much time!

Is it expensive to get started?

No it isn’t expensive to get started. As long as you have a computer then you’re good to go.

You certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to produce great results.

I haven't got a studio

That doesn’t matter, neither have I and neither do most people.

It’s not necessary and we work with what we’ve got. There’s lots of things you can do to improve quality without spending lots of money.

How would podcasting benefit my business?

Today, we need to be everywhere that our audience is and that includes Podcasting. Growth has been massive over the last few years and it isn’t slowing down.

New vehicles are being fitted with podcast listening devices and more and more people are using gym, school run, gardening and dog walking time etc, to listen to this ‘on demand’ information.

We need to keep ahead of the competition too, with most industries not even thinking about podcasting yet, so get your foot in the door.

The most important reason for me is that I have one topic a week to think about for my content, from which I produce a podcast episode, blog post and several social media posts to keep driving traffic to my business. That’s genius …

How will I find things to talk about?

There should be plenty of topics within your niche to discuss. You can bring in other guests that complement your topic, industry leaders, on location event coverage and interviews as well as your solo episodes. We’ve plenty of ideas to keep your shows interesting.

Just one topic is needed per week (or how ever often you want to podcast) and this is your content across all of your platforms sorted.

We cover this deeper in the course but remember that podcasting creates true connection with your audience, like no other content medium can.

I'm not techy ...

You don’t need to be! As long as you can use a computer and follow instructions, you’ll learn how to produce everything with ease. You’ll then understand exactly what goes into production and you can structure accordingly.

I feel a little overwhelmed ...

It’s like anything we haven’t done yet, we feel out of our depth and a little intimidated. Don’t worry, it’s all straightforward and help is on hand, should you feel you need it.

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is the only way to get us nearer to our goals …

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