Here is your How to Start an Online Business Checklist …

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We show you the steps that are needed in this ‘How to start an Online Business Checklist’ blog. We like to keep things as simple and as cost effective as possible, to get to the desired result in a stress free way.

Read through the steps to see what you need to in order to get closer to your dream lifestyle. Never has the barrier entry been as low for starting an online business so why not take the plunge now? There will never be a better time! What are you waiting for to start your online business? …

Checklist to Start Your Online Business


  • Decide what type of an online business you’d like. Do you want to sell products, services, coaching? What will you offer that people want?


  • Think of some name ideas for your online business. Using keywords is an advantage but not a necessity, but don’t try and be clever with spellings to make puns, as you want your customers to be in no doubt of how to find you online. A short and easy name, that gets to the point is ideal.


  • Choose a Name Registrar such as GoDaddy, to register your chosen domain name for your website. Here you can check that your chosen domain name is available. The .com version is desirable (but not imperative) however, your customer would be more likely to type in this to look for you.



  • Get yourself a website. We’ve lots of ideas and help to get you on the right track with this, so that you can physically sell products and market your business with the most visibility.


  • Think about how you want you want your business framework to look. Will you be going to events, offering online workshops, product demonstrations, offering coaching, training videos, memberships? Have you a rough idea of pricing? Having your own business gives you an amazing chance of earning what you desire, but you need to know your numbers. Of course we can help you with all of this and give you some ideas on your business content and website framework.


  • Marketing your Business. This is where you start to get your name out there and of course we can help you. We have lots of strategies and trainings to help you create an effective marketing plan, saving time and money.


  • Speak to an accountant or CPA. They can advise you on how to legally register your business, or do it for you, so that you can get on with building your new business.

This Checklist on How to Start an Online Business is only a guide so if you need any further information or help, please drop us an email.


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