Here is your Google Content Calendar Bundle …

I’m so excited to share this beautiful Google Content Calendar Bundle that’s going to help you to organise your content strategy for your social media, emails and more!

Not only does it include an ‘easy click’ Google Sheets calendar but you also have access to Canva templates that compliment the content for your platforms.

Your templates are designed to make content creation much quicker and easier for you and include:

  • Stories/Reels covers
  • Carousel/Graphic posts
  • Email headers
  • Facebook Page/Group Banners
  • Blog post covers

You can also use the templates to promote your latest video, podcast, blog etc to push traffic to grow your email list.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used Google sheets or Canva templates before, it’s all explained in a video and guide that accompany, just click the button to download your guide and the video is below.

Please watch the instruction video below, designed to help you get the most from your Google Sheets Calendar and Canva templates.

You can make a copy of your calendar and access your templates below the video.

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