5 Instagram Reel Ideas to connect with your audience

by | Jun 4, 2023 | Video Marketing

Instagram Reel ideas to connect with your audience

Here’s 5 Instagram reels ideas that you can create to connect with your audience, don’t miss number five, that’s the one that’s really gonna get you the connection.

You can watch the video or read the blog below.

Green Screen Instagram Reel Ideas

The first one is a green screen tutorial and this is great because it allows you to explain anything that’s going on in your industry, showing results, plus showing social proof of the results that you can get for your clients is key to helping your customers see themselves in that position. That builds trust with you, when they think you can get them the result they want.

Cover events, show documents, do a tutorial. You can add any kind of media, whether that be a picture or a video behind yourself. It just gives you a really easy way to show what you’re talking about and makes it different, makes your video stand out. The best way that I’ve found to do this is to head to your Instagram stories and actually record the video in there, even though you’re not gonna post it to your Instagram Stories.

Go into your Instagram Stories and across the bottom of the screen, find the green screen filter if you haven’t already got that saved You can actually record there in your stories, save it to your phone, and you’ve got the ideal reel to give valuable information to your ideal person. For those who don’t know how to record in stories, head to your stories. You can then hit the hands free button. And then when you hit the record button, you’ve got a minute then to record whatever video that you want.

If you don’t like it, just hit the back button, doesn’t save it to your phone. If you do like what you’ve just recorded, hit those three buttons in the top right, and then you can save it direct to your phone and use it as a reel. Of course, you can use this for filming all your other Instagram reels as well, because if you like to use the filter, it’s ideal. You’ve got all those filters along the bottom.

B Roll Instagram Reel Ideas

The second type of reel that you can create quickly and easily that’s gonna connect with your audience is one, using B-roll. B-roll is video that you can take on your phone of other things round and about when you do in your jobs during the day All sorts of things, even going to the supermarket, unpacking your car, in your office, walking the dogs, whatever.

You can use that B roll to either do a motivational and inspirational video, for instance, or you can do a voice over the top, anything at all that’s going to help your ideal person to solve their problems.

So ‘A’ roll is me talking to the camera (a talking head video) and B roll is of any other supplementary footage that would explain what you’re talking about. Get into that mindset of when you’re out and about to grab your camera on your phone and just take some footage, if you’re on a walk or like I say, going about your daily jobs.

You’ve got it there on your phone and it’s easy to just grab quickly and make an Instagram Reel with it. But as I say, it’s got to be a topic that helps your ideal person. And the way that you can do a voiceover over your B-roll very quickly is to go into your editing app, something like InShot, put the clip into the timeline and head over to the music section or wherever that is on your app. There you can see the voiceover. button, generally a microphone symbol. You tap the voiceover button away you speak, it goes over the top of your clip and you’ve got a valuable reel.

Editing App Template Reel

The third type of reel that you can use to stand out in the newsfeed and connect with your audience is to use something like Video Leap where you can grab a  template and just add your own media in there. Swipe through the template, see which one you like, which music that vibes with you. Add your own clips (video or images), and you can create a really eye-catching video. Again, it’s gotta be of interest to that ideal person.

Use it in a way that tells a story, that helps them in some way that shows them what’s possible. It’s one to have stored in your back pocket at times when you haven’t got a lot of time to spare, you can just go into Video Leap, quickly grab one of those templates, add your media in and away you go.

Those templates are also ideal for showcasing new products. If you produce or sell products, don’t just show us your product though. Show us the product in detail, show us how it benefits us, how it helps us, how it’s gonna improve our life. Go deeper than just the product, how can it make us feel?

Canva stock footage Instagram Reel ideas

The fourth kind of reel is great, especially if you’re wanting to tell a story. That is to head over to Canva and use their stock footage videos.

When we’re creating a video, we want to be evoking some kind of emotion, for our viewer to ‘feel’ something. Emotions are gonna get reactions from your audience, whether that’s a like a share, a comment, whatever. We want them to feel something.

If your video is a story about how you were feeling, maybe you’ve been stressed, maybe you’ve been feeling imposter syndrome, maybe you’re happy, whatever that emotion is, in Canva you can search for whatever you want to find, in that stock footage.

That could be something like a child that’s happy, or a woman that’s stressed for instance, type that in and you’ll get all sorts of ideas come up. Create a canvas that’s known by 9:16 (1080 x 1920), drag your stock footage onto that, and then you can edit the length etc, download it as a clip and add it into your editing app to create your Reel.

You can use that footage along with your A Roll (your talking head video)  like I have done in the video above, that breaks it up and explains things as I’m talking. Or again, you can add the different clips into the timeline and do a voiceover, as we said earlier.

You on camera, saying this …

And number five is the one that’s gonna get the most connection with your audience. And that is a talking head of you that infuses your values, your beliefs, your opinions. If you’re saying, Elaine, there is no way I can get on camera and talk to my people, I just don’t feel like I can, then I’ve got a free gift for you!

It’s a Confidence on Video Journal, and it will really help you to move past those confidence blocks. There’s so much goodness in there including tips and hacks, so whatever stage you’re at in your video journey, you’ll get something from it. It’s what I needed when I started and felt apprehensive about getting on camera, but there was no such resource.

There’s no better way than connecting with your audience than when they see your face, hear your voice, your mannerisms and everything about you. It creates that trust and without the trust, you’re not gonna get conversions to sales.

So grab that free journal HERE, do the work, and it will really help you to get out of your own way. I know exactly how this felt, but when you get on camera and ‘do you’, that’s going to get the right people to repel the wrong ones.

You could be giving a tip, you could be doing a tutorial, you could be a thought reversal, showing them a different way. Something that is infusing your personality, whether that’s showing your humour, the way you do things, something that’s gonna call in your tribe.

We have to be authentically us on camera because if we’re not, our viewer can (a) smell it a mile off and (b) we’re not gonna get those right people.

We can’t be everything to everybody, and we do not want to be a watered down version of ourselves. So whatever you do, sprinkle your own magic in there. Do not be afraid of being yourself, authentically you is the key while still delivering great value to your ideal person, helping them along their journey.

So don’t forget, grab that free journal here, that’s gonna really help you with your confidence on video. There’s also more video to help you on my YouTube channel such as a B-roll editing tutorial, as well as five tips to overcome imposter syndrome and more.

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