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by | May 19, 2022 | Video Marketing

What are the benefits of video marketing you may wonder, the truth about video …

We know that using video for your business is what we MUST be doing and smartphone video makes our content creation so easy.

In this video I’m going to show you the benefits of video marketing and how when you create one video a week, made with your smartphone, you’ll never be stuck for content ideas. You’ll have your content working for you on every platform, with no more overwhelm or wondering what the heck to post today.

Also, later in the video I’ll tell you my number one strategy to get seen and how to drive traffic everywhere.


I’ve been on my own business building journey and everything I tell you what I’ve found to help me and I’m passing it on to you to help you build your business quickly.

Why is Video so effective in marketing?

Here you will see how video can be a complete game changer for your business and how there is nothing like it to grow your audience. The fact that video allows your audience to make an instant connection with you, straight away creates an impression for them that they like or don’t like, thus getting the right people to follow you and get in front of your ideal client.

Video also simplifies your workload

… as when you’ve created a video, you have all the foundations in place to produce so much more effective content easily. Without this, you have to create this content from scratch with probably only 10% as effective results plus having the overwhelm of what to post where.

So, make one video per week with your smartphone, but how do you choose the topic?

Well decide what are the content pillars of your business?

For me, I have 4 pillars. These aren’t set in stone and may change as you go on your journey, but for me now they’re

1) starting and growing a business

2) Smartphone video and Content

3) social media

4) Self development and Personal growth.

So I know that my weekly video will be from one of these 4 pillars and knowing the pillars of your business are what simplifies this process, so first get clear on your business pillars. I would say that between 3 and 6 is a good number to have, but of course that depends on your niche.

So for instance, if yoga is your business, your pillars may be 1) exercises 2) nutrition 3) meditation. You may have more including equipment and clothing or mindset work.

I choose my topic from my pillars

… like this one is from my smartphone video and content pillar, I then choose my idea from whatever questions I’m asked or problems I see. I know that for a lot of people, knowing what to post on their channels on a daily basis creates a lot of frustration and overwhelm, so I thought I’d simplify it.

I then script my video, answering questions and giving helpful information and then I film. Now that I’m in a flow, it doesn’t take me long to produce the videos themselves, as I like to keep thing simple, no need to complicate the process.

If you’re just starting with video, grab my FREE Video Confidence 7 Day Booster Journal HERE to help you get past any confidence blocks as well as giving tips & hacks to be more confident on video plus your clarity steps. It’s 38 pages of goodness …

How can Video Marketing help your Business?

When I have my finished video, I firstly post this on my YouTube channel. I make sure that I get as many eyeballs as I can in the first 48 hours of it being published, by sending an email to my list, including the link to my video.

I then use clips and images from the video to make teasers for my social media stories and newsfeed, driving them to watch the full video on YouTube. You can also use pictures of yourself or Canva images to do the same, using some of the content from your video to tease to watch.

I also take quotes from my video to make images, tweets and memes, giving me more relative content for my social media platforms.

I also use the script from my video as the basis of my blog for my website

I include the video in my blog too for those who prefer to watch than read when they land on my website.

I also make a few different video pins for Pinterest (watch this video here where I show you how to do it and the crazy traffic I get).

Depending on the format of your videos, you could make the audio into a podcast quite easily. Interviews are great content for this, again, allowing you to be everywhere that your audience is without the stress.

This may sound difficult but I promise you, once you have a flow, it doesn’t take long. You could also outsource all of this at little cost, to help you.

The benefits of video marketing, what are the advantages? …

From one smartphone video, you now have at least 10 content ideas for the week:

  1. A video for YouTube
  2. A video to use as a facebook ad
  3. Videos for workshops or courses
  4. A blog post
  5. IGTV, stories and newsfeed teasers as snippets from your video
  6. Social media posts relating to your video content topic
  7. Quotes, tweets and memes from your video
  8. Pinterest Pins
  9. Email content
  10. Podcast Episode

This gives you the chance of being seen everywhere with organic and paid traffic if you wish and being consistent creates trust, authority and the algorithms love you.

Why Video Marketing is so Powerful

The reason that video marketing is so powerful is that when your message hits the right person at the right time, you are so much more likely to have that person follow you and want to get to know you better. Combine this with your face and voice, then you’ve ticked the ‘know, like and trust’ factor box. They start to want more of your content and at this point they may binge watch your stuff. This of course feeds the algorithms in your favour and you appear more often as your content is deemed valuable. All of the time this is promoting more trust with the viewer and then moves them closer to the sale.

Video takes out so much of the work from them just reading a post as your audience can see your personality and mannerisms, again creating familiarity.

Importance of Video in Marketing

To me, I think video is so important if only for the Facebook ad strategy alone. When you produce value videos that warm up your audience and then you run them as video view campaigns, you can build an audience of warm traffic that have watched a percentage of your videos. Then, when you show more of your videos to this audience, you can show them your offer and they are so much more likely to buy, than from a cold traffic ad.

This is also the cheapest way to run your ads as you are building custom audiences rather than running ads to expensive peers in your industry, which most people do. They then decide that Facebook ads don’t work as they’re expensive with little effect, when really if they only knew to produce videos and build a warm audience, they’d have so much better results. Like anything, testing and tweaking is key, but using video is by far the more effective strategy.

Effectiveness of Video Marketing

For me, I’d rather watch a video than read a blog. I can also listen to a video when I’m driving or doing something else (hence also the importance of podcasts). I still produce blogs like this one you’re reading because some people prefer to read, but it’s important to give your audience the option, and offer the best solution for them.

Video is of course favoured more by the algorithms and you are for more likely to be shown over a static post in the newsfeed. This goes without saying of course that your content has to be good to stand out. As with everything nowadays, there are lots of people trying to get your attention, however, so many people are not doing video for reasons such as:

  • I don’t like my voice
  • I don’t like how I look
  • I don’t know what to say
  • People may not like me
  • I feel like an imposter

… and so many more reasons. I call BS on all of those, we just need to get out of our own way and do it and the rewards are plentiful. When you do do video, you have the competitive edge, because most of your competitors are saying those points above. They know they should be doing it but don’t, because they let their ego get in the way.

I say ‘how bad do you want it?’ because what you want is on the other side of video!


What does a Video Marketer do?

A video marketer gets as many eyeballs as possible on their content and offers.

As a video marketer, it’s your job to attract your ideal client (see my article on how you do this HERE with a FREE download). You want only the perfect people into your fold, those that love what you create and become raving fans. These are the people that will support you in whatever you do and every time that you make them an offer, they wave their credit cards at you. A mentor of mine says that your name should either be on their vision boards or on their credit card statements! Truth …

Growing an audience from zero isn’t easy, but I’ve done it so anyone can. Video certainly makes this easier.

Now my favourite strategy as promised

… to get my content seen and grow my audience, has been to join Facebook groups, and promote my content organically through them. By this I mean then when allowed, I splash my links everywhere to my website, blog, YT channel, pinterest, IG, Facebook,  wherever, which in turn grows my email list and subscribers in a non spammy way.

This also opens doors to collaborations, which leads to new audiences and your reach and is a great way to get your content out there. Asking group admins for interviews or giving helpful content for their groups is always appreciated, just remember that you have to give first.

The benefits of video marketing in 2021 will only increase further …


REMINDER: If you’re just starting with video, grab my FREE Video Confidence 7 Day Booster Journal HERE to help you get past any confidence blocks as well as giving tips & hacks to be more confident on video plus your clarity steps. It’s 38 pages of goodness …

Have read here and see how I made a video pin for pinterest and the CRAZY traffic it got!


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